30 January 2011

Happy weekend

Hello my dear! Did you enjoy your weekend?
I spent really happy days with my friends 307
Saturday I went to Lila's house and we had a lot of fun working on a funny project!
Here I am!!! 27

And this is my friend Lila!

Today We met our friends Amanda, Carla and Caterina and we went at Bibli for brunch! 268
Bibli is a really nice place: a big library where you can read the books for free and good for brunch/tea time/aperitif 255 (but they're really unable to make a good cappuccino 18 sorry Bibli, it was... incandescent 19)

And now is time to work 75
Mata ne~!

Ps: I added a translator link to translate my blog to italian 13 and to many other languages!

28 January 2011

Some resources to study Japanese

Some years ago I studied Japanese language at University, but I never gave a degree. I quitted because I wanted to study graphic design 15
Of course I'm glad to have studied graphic design, but I've a big remorse about Japanese language 333 because I want to know it and speak it fluently 294
My level now is pretty low (around JLPT level N4), I'll attend an intesive japanese course in Tokyo, but I want to increase my level before I left
I've some interesting resources to study Japanese and I want to share them with you 196
These resources can be helpful if you've at least a japanese language smattering! 108

62 First of all a very useful website: Tanos.co.uk
You can find resource to study for the Japanese profiency separated in 5 levels!
For each level you can find kanji list, vocaboulary list and grammar list!! Morover the webmaster suggests a lot of useful book and website! (free)
Tanos ありがとうございます!!

62ANKI272 If you study Japanese, you know that using flash cards is the best way to learn the kanji! Anki is a virtual flash cards system!
You can add a list of kanji or words (and you can download them from Tanos website!!) and with Anki you'll learn and memorize a lot of words! 308 (free)
ps: you can use anki to study a lot of things, not just japanese! 308

62 Basic Kanji Book A good book to study kanji, you can memorize them easily! Moreover you'll find on this book a lot of kanji test! 27

62 Dictionary I list some dictionary very helpful
Online: Mahou dictionary (free)
Offline: Wakan(free) thanks to Amanda, my dear friend, for this advice!
Nintendo ds: Kanji Dictionary: Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten

So, these are the best application that I can suggest you, although I've a lot of link in my favourite link folder "benkyou" 348
And now the time to study is come!! See you soon! 68


This post is just to test the postpone system 348
This is one of my favourite song 59 Usually I listen Punk (old school, hc, melodic...) but the music of AKB48 makes me really happy 325

If the postpone system work fine, while you'll read this post and listen this cute song, probably I'll sleep 332 So... goodmorning 10

27 January 2011

Cute Wallet advice

Hello sweeties 67
Today I want to share with you one of my manias. I'm a sort of... wallet otaku
I've a great collection but I want more and more 27 54
I thought to share with you the cutest wallets that I find on the net 130
I hope you like them 67


Swimmer ¥1050

Again from Swimmer ¥683 and 1260


These are not a wallet, but a credit card holder from CouCou, a japanese 300yen shop and a Vivitix purse of Little Twin Stars

I can't wait to go at CouCou shop because it seems so cute and it's very cheap! Probably I'll talk more about this shop when I'll visit it!134


The last one is made by CRUX, one of my favourite kawaii brand! I don't know the price, but probably I'll buy it so I hope to find it in Tokyo!! 334

So it's all! 184 I'll go to see Q10! Ciao Ciao 285

First post *__*/

Hello Dear friends 197
This is my new (and a bit childish 307) blog!
I'm so happy because it's hosted on the Cute Can Kill website and because it is completely menaged by me (not a free service like Lj or Blogspot, I like have the control 348)

I don't know the language I'll use to write here, but I know what I want to share with you: kawaii things (my big passion 24) and some advice about the best cute things that you can find on the net, some preview of Cute Can Kill Jewelry collection 283, thing I like (obvious 86) and... the best event that will be in my life in the first part of 2011: a study holiday in Tokyo!127
I'll be in Japan for 2 months from 1 April with my friend (and maybe classmate, but most probably senpai 91) Amanda and I can't wait 319

Waiting is so hard 75 because I planned this trip one years ago and bought the ticket on december and I'm a really... really impatient girl 157
Anyway I've a lot things to do before my leaving (and one of these things is... go to the dentist18), but I think the time will come soon! 255

But it's time to sleep see an anime 304
Thank you for your visit and please follow me 322