27 January 2011

Cute Wallet advice

Hello sweeties 67
Today I want to share with you one of my manias. I'm a sort of... wallet otaku
I've a great collection but I want more and more 27 54
I thought to share with you the cutest wallets that I find on the net 130
I hope you like them 67


Swimmer ¥1050

Again from Swimmer ¥683 and 1260


These are not a wallet, but a credit card holder from CouCou, a japanese 300yen shop and a Vivitix purse of Little Twin Stars

I can't wait to go at CouCou shop because it seems so cute and it's very cheap! Probably I'll talk more about this shop when I'll visit it!134


The last one is made by CRUX, one of my favourite kawaii brand! I don't know the price, but probably I'll buy it so I hope to find it in Tokyo!! 334

So it's all! 184 I'll go to see Q10! Ciao Ciao 285

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