27 January 2011

First post *__*/

Hello Dear friends 197
This is my new (and a bit childish 307) blog!
I'm so happy because it's hosted on the Cute Can Kill website and because it is completely menaged by me (not a free service like Lj or Blogspot, I like have the control 348)

I don't know the language I'll use to write here, but I know what I want to share with you: kawaii things (my big passion 24) and some advice about the best cute things that you can find on the net, some preview of Cute Can Kill Jewelry collection 283, thing I like (obvious 86) and... the best event that will be in my life in the first part of 2011: a study holiday in Tokyo!127
I'll be in Japan for 2 months from 1 April with my friend (and maybe classmate, but most probably senpai 91) Amanda and I can't wait 319

Waiting is so hard 75 because I planned this trip one years ago and bought the ticket on december and I'm a really... really impatient girl 157
Anyway I've a lot things to do before my leaving (and one of these things is... go to the dentist18), but I think the time will come soon! 255

But it's time to sleep see an anime 304
Thank you for your visit and please follow me 322