30 January 2011

Happy weekend

Hello my dear! Did you enjoy your weekend?
I spent really happy days with my friends 307
Saturday I went to Lila's house and we had a lot of fun working on a funny project!
Here I am!!! 27

And this is my friend Lila!

Today We met our friends Amanda, Carla and Caterina and we went at Bibli for brunch! 268
Bibli is a really nice place: a big library where you can read the books for free and good for brunch/tea time/aperitif 255 (but they're really unable to make a good cappuccino 18 sorry Bibli, it was... incandescent 19)

And now is time to work 75
Mata ne~!

Ps: I added a translator link to translate my blog to italian 13 and to many other languages!

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