28 January 2011

Some resources to study Japanese

Some years ago I studied Japanese language at University, but I never gave a degree. I quitted because I wanted to study graphic design 15
Of course I'm glad to have studied graphic design, but I've a big remorse about Japanese language 333 because I want to know it and speak it fluently 294
My level now is pretty low (around JLPT level N4), I'll attend an intesive japanese course in Tokyo, but I want to increase my level before I left
I've some interesting resources to study Japanese and I want to share them with you 196
These resources can be helpful if you've at least a japanese language smattering! 108

62 First of all a very useful website: Tanos.co.uk
You can find resource to study for the Japanese profiency separated in 5 levels!
For each level you can find kanji list, vocaboulary list and grammar list!! Morover the webmaster suggests a lot of useful book and website! (free)
Tanos ありがとうございます!!

62ANKI272 If you study Japanese, you know that using flash cards is the best way to learn the kanji! Anki is a virtual flash cards system!
You can add a list of kanji or words (and you can download them from Tanos website!!) and with Anki you'll learn and memorize a lot of words! 308 (free)
ps: you can use anki to study a lot of things, not just japanese! 308

62 Basic Kanji Book A good book to study kanji, you can memorize them easily! Moreover you'll find on this book a lot of kanji test! 27

62 Dictionary I list some dictionary very helpful
Online: Mahou dictionary (free)
Offline: Wakan(free) thanks to Amanda, my dear friend, for this advice!
Nintendo ds: Kanji Dictionary: Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten

So, these are the best application that I can suggest you, although I've a lot of link in my favourite link folder "benkyou" 348
And now the time to study is come!! See you soon! 68

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