15 February 2011

Kurosawa ruined my life

I saw a part of this movie when I was a kid doing zapping on tv and I was really reaaaally upset... maybe scared is the right word. 294
(I'm a easily impressed person even now ahha 157)
It was the first time that I met the japanese culture (except anime!) and slowly the "fear" has become insane passion, so I hate Kurosawa because of him now I'm sick of Japan (and it's my yume) 30

I knew more about "Yume" when I was in high school seeing the Van Gogh part during the art class!

That silence in the beginning, that melodies, that colors "kill" me and charm me at the same time! 318
I really think that Yume marked me that day creating in me an unbridled passion for a country so different from mine! (I'm looking for something different since I was young! The monotony killed me even when I was a child... the same places, the same people, the same movies, the same things around me... ! But this is another story about my "psycho" mind 13)

I've to say that my love for japanese visual art is in second place compared to my love for the Japanese language! 136

And you? Do you love Japan? How it happened? 24

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