14 February 2011

My last weekend

Chuuuu 29
This is a report of my busy weekend :05:

On friday it was a party for my friend Banghe! A really funny party! I love my friends 67 I made a lovely greeting card for her! It was beer mug with candle shaped card and it stank of beer ahaha 15 (I made aromatic paper 91)

On saturday I slept at Lila's home!
She cooked for me a yummy curry rice 43 but we worked till 4.00 am 18

Yesterday I attended at Japanese festival in my city! 27
It was a funny day because I met many friends, but I was really tired 313

Today I'm tired again 14 but in the evening (around 10.00 pm) I will make the giveaway's draw!! 68
So please, come back later 122

Bonus pic: Cute Can Kill booth

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