09 February 2011

Onigiri day

Hellooouuu~ 48
Today I went with Lila to buy a lot of supplies because on sunday we will have a booth at the japanese festival in our city and so we have to make so many jewelry! 133
I was a bit anxious because I forgot to pay the parking fee and I really thought to find a fine on my car 18 so, while I walked toward my car, I thought "If the fine will not be there, I'll buy some onigiri for dinner" :05:
Oh friend, what a mistake 294 When I arrived at the parking I did not find the fine, but in the sushi shop I found the most disgusting onigiri I ever ate! 314
At home I consoled myself with a sandwich 232 but I'm still sad to have wasted money (infact in Japan I can buy 8 onigiri with the same moeny 236 :08:)

Anyway I worked all evening and I'm still working 52
I'm making a lot of onigiri jewelry and surely they taste better than onigiri I bought today (and mine are not eatable 189 189 189 285)
85 See you soon 85

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