19 February 2011

Working hard

Hello dear 67
I'm busy!! AGAIN... 14 ahaahha I think it's the most repeated phrase in this blog 304

Right now I'm working on the new Cute Can Kill update 196
It'll be tomorrow 12
And then, around 06 pm, I'll l go to the airport to go to my boyfriend's home in Milan and I'll stay there for 1 week! 307

On sunday I'll go with my boyfriend and my dear friend Rubi at Fumettopoli, a sort of japanese festival and comics market, I'm happy because usually, when I go to this kind of festival, I've to work, but this time I'll be just a customer 308
I'll meet other friends at Fumettopoli, will be a nice day and I can't wait! 200

See you soon, from Milan 328

Bonus Pic: one of my fav. necklace that you can find on Cute Can Kill webshop from tomorrow!

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