16 March 2011


Spezzo il silenzio che regna da giorni su questo blog e che dopo questo post continuerà fino a quando tireremo un sospiro di sollievo...
Sono ovviamente molto triste per le catastrofi che stanno colpendo il Giappone, cerco continuamente notizie di tutti i tipi e da tutte le fonti possibili e mi faccio domande che non avranno mai risposta.
Ci si può chiedere "perchè ti interessi così tanto a questo paese e meno alle vicende che colpirono altri": a livello umano il dispiacere è grande per qualsiasi paese distrutto da calamità naturali (o da stupidi sbagli umani), ma a livello personale ammetto che è uno degli eventi che maggiormente mi ha colpita nella vita, il Giappone è un paese che amo alla follia, è un paese che mi ha dato tanto sotto tanti punti di vista, un paese a cui adesso devo tutte le mie attenzioni e il mio dispiacere.

Ancora una volta, coraggio Giappone, supererai anche questa, voglio essere ottimista

12 March 2011

Ganbattene Nihon

Today it's a really sad day.
I really worried about my favourite country that I consider my home.
I'm sad.

Coraggio, Giappone.

10 March 2011


Ho iniziato a vedere K-on da qualche mese e mi sono subito appassionata alla storia di queste ragazze 67 E' un anime allegro, divertente e leggero, ma che dà tanta importanza all'amicizia, mi piace troppo e lo consiglio a chiunque non l'abbia ancora visto 122

Sono rimasta piacevolmente sorpresa nel sapere che ad aprile uscirà un seguito che narrerà le avventure delle nostre eroine all'università, probabilmente riuscirà anche a comprare il manga originale (e magari a leggerlo senza bisogno di farmelo tradurre da qualcuno 15)

Ovviamente io mi rivedo tantissimo, ma daaaaavvero tanto, in uno dei personaggi: Ritsu!
Guardatelo/leggetelo, mi raccomando

09 March 2011

New jeans and Mavala scientifique

Hellouuuuuuu~ 41
Some days ago I checked my closet to choose some clothing for the next spring in Tokyo... I really needed a pair of jeans, so I decided to go at Levi's store! So... I want to know why my country is not yet ready to dress tall people
I saw on the US website a very long size (L 36) but in Italy the more long size you can find is L34  I tried on something like 15 pairs of jeans and at last I chose a pair of skinny jeans in deep blue color  They're really comfortable, not very long, but passable 13
It was a big torture for me and for my friends, so I must say sorry to Amanda and Caterina 108
Off course I've to lose weight, probably will be more easy to find clothes, I'm working on it, but calmly 196 I don't want to kill my metabolism again! 335

Talking about other things... I want long nails 14 it's so diiiifficult!
My nails are weak, but I found in drugstore a fantastic oil called Scientifique by Mavala and slowly my nails are becoming strong 318 I so happy about it 67 It's a bit chemical, but... who cares 308 I really want my long nails :08:
See you soon friends :246:

08 March 2011

First spring update on cutecankill.com

Hello my sweeties 67
Today, around 6.30 pm (local time: +1) will be the first spring update on Cute Can Kill website 304
A lot of delicious sweets 140 and lovely fairy friends 23 are waiting to meet you 85

07 March 2011


Hello my dear 27
Today I want to share with you a fantastic e-mail service 195 that I found on my fav. folder on chrome 336
I can't remember who suggest it to me or where I find this link 15 but I had it on my fav. folder since 1 year and never opened it 353
But some days ago, looking my links, I found it and finally opened it... and surpraise, surpraise... I discovered that it's a wonderful e-mail service full of emoji 200
How you can see I'm a sort of emoji otaku 13 Emoji make everything cute or funny!
Pagport website is in Japanese, but it's very easy to use!
I'll explain to you how use it with a gmail account, so please click on *read more* 57
If you know japanese (a little too!) you can skip my guide, because using the website is very intuitive! 328

You must have a gmail or yahoo account :97: (I guess you need a japanese mobile phone to create a pagport mail address :107:)
Go on Pagport and click on the big button PAGMailのアカウントをつくる (that is "make a pagmail account!")

obviously click on yahoo and gmail button

Enter your gmail account!

and then click on the big pink button to confirm!

:119: Now you're account is created! Yay! :38: Come back on Pagport.jp and login! The login button is on the top in the right side!

:119: When you are in look on the left side to see the menu!

Click on write e-mail and enjoy your full of emoji mail :284:

01 March 2011


Hello my friends! 24
I'm sorry for my long absence, but as you know I was in Milan and every day I went to work with my boyfriend 332 I was so tired because I woke up early so many times during the last week, I'm not accustomed 14

Anyway I had a lot fun!
I went at Fumettopoli and met some dear friends 67; I ate a looooot and I went twice at Japanese restaurant; I went to the dentist 75; but here's the coolest thing: my boyfriend gave me a blackberry smartphone yeeeey 335
Now I'm an happy BBgirl 91

I came back on saturday and I was (and I'm) sad because I miss my boyfriend 333 I hope he can come soon in my city
Today is a *shame on me day*
I cut my hair and I was so stupid 18 now my bang is horrible, it's so large 310 I'll wait 2/3 week and the I'll go to the hair stylist 326
My mum and my boyfriend laughed at me 300
Anyway today I'm happy too because finally I've bought a new suitcase, it's really simple, big and black! I wanted it in pink, but I not found it, so I chose the black one! 51

It's finally time to study drinking a cup of good
See you soon 85