01 March 2011


Hello my friends! 24
I'm sorry for my long absence, but as you know I was in Milan and every day I went to work with my boyfriend 332 I was so tired because I woke up early so many times during the last week, I'm not accustomed 14

Anyway I had a lot fun!
I went at Fumettopoli and met some dear friends 67; I ate a looooot and I went twice at Japanese restaurant; I went to the dentist 75; but here's the coolest thing: my boyfriend gave me a blackberry smartphone yeeeey 335
Now I'm an happy BBgirl 91

I came back on saturday and I was (and I'm) sad because I miss my boyfriend 333 I hope he can come soon in my city
Today is a *shame on me day*
I cut my hair and I was so stupid 18 now my bang is horrible, it's so large 310 I'll wait 2/3 week and the I'll go to the hair stylist 326
My mum and my boyfriend laughed at me 300
Anyway today I'm happy too because finally I've bought a new suitcase, it's really simple, big and black! I wanted it in pink, but I not found it, so I chose the black one! 51

It's finally time to study drinking a cup of good
See you soon 85

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