29 December 2012

Hello helloooooo 26 how are you my dear readers? How were your Christmas (and after Christmas) parties? 28
I'm spending all my time with my boyfriend EATING. 212

Today we went out with Lila and we went in the center of Rome, we spent a lovely afternoon and then we went to eat something at burger king 599 Later Davide and I will go to a new pub we discovered near my house and tomorrow we will have a "roman" traditional lunch in my little city, then we will go to Lila's for a curry party 600 For the new year eve I will go at "all you can eat" Japanese restaurant with Davide, my brother and my almost sister in law... I think on 01 of january my transformation into a pig will finally occurred 884
I wish I had time to write more on my blog, but, you know, I'm so busy chewing 32
I need to fix something in this website, but Davide and I only see once a month, so I'm spending a lot of time with him and I haven't time for other things 171

Anyway I found time to do a new page for my decoden cover, go there and have a look, I hope it will be more useful for my lovely customers 2
14Cover page14

Weeeell I hope to write soon here because I have in my mind 2 or 3 topic for the next posts
Chuuuuu! 141

15 December 2012

Yes. It was real, I'm back!

As I wrote yesterday (and actually is today because I'm postplanning this blogpost 50) I want to write again here, yayyyy 139
I decided to post in english again because I need to improve my english, so please please help me 182 I know I make a loooot of errors 155 I can understand english, but I can't write or speak it well 186

Weeell~ I just got back from my snack time and I MUST back to work, because I have to complete some request I had (you know, I'm talking about jewelry), but I'm so lazy 32
Anyway I had a super delicious cappuccino and one of this... emh... weird christmas cookies!! 236
They were so funny with that rude expression on their faces 41

I must back fast to work because tomorrow I will go to Rome at the Lila b-day party 56
Oh yes! You read well... we are friends again 123
I'm really really happy about it, but now I have not time to write about, so it will be the topic for a next topic!!

Byebyeeeee 37

New blog name and new layout

OMG! Can you believe it?? 234
I'm here again, writing on my blog with a new name and a new layout 97

Some months ago I decided to open a blog on facebook called "Hello Choco Mochi", a word game about chocolate, mochi and moshi moshi 267 I began to work on the header for the fb page, but I was so busy working on my jewelry, but today I tought to back to blog, you know, and I decided to change everything huhuuhuh 28

So, the new name of my blog is Hello Choco Mochi and I also opened a facebook page to share cute informations more easily 123 and I hope to be more steady in blogging 150

Well, what do you think about the new layout? 30
I used the same Ciali character to remember the old layout 14 then I've to fix a lot of things like social button, adding friend links and so on... I think I will have time to do it during the Christmas holidays, yay!!! 13

And now I MUST go because I've to do a decoden cover, 6 bag hooks as gifts and requests and some other jewelry, but I'm so tired 319

Good day people in the world and good night friends from Italy 54

ps: Don't forget to join my new FB page for Hello Choco Mochi!!! 19

14 December 2012

welcome back Ciali!

Helloooo! I'm thinking to back to blogging, but today I am just trying if I can post easily from my mobile phone... ok, it is a bit useless because I always use my desktop pc, anyway... just in case 748
I admit that it is not so easy because I have something like 2000 emoji in my blog editor, so when I open the page, it is sooo slow 633

I want to try to put a photo too, the tako chan, if you follow me on fb you saw them yet! 628

Weeeell... byebyeeee, I swear, I'll back soon here! 780