29 December 2012

Hello helloooooo 26 how are you my dear readers? How were your Christmas (and after Christmas) parties? 28
I'm spending all my time with my boyfriend EATING. 212

Today we went out with Lila and we went in the center of Rome, we spent a lovely afternoon and then we went to eat something at burger king 599 Later Davide and I will go to a new pub we discovered near my house and tomorrow we will have a "roman" traditional lunch in my little city, then we will go to Lila's for a curry party 600 For the new year eve I will go at "all you can eat" Japanese restaurant with Davide, my brother and my almost sister in law... I think on 01 of january my transformation into a pig will finally occurred 884
I wish I had time to write more on my blog, but, you know, I'm so busy chewing 32
I need to fix something in this website, but Davide and I only see once a month, so I'm spending a lot of time with him and I haven't time for other things 171

Anyway I found time to do a new page for my decoden cover, go there and have a look, I hope it will be more useful for my lovely customers 2
14Cover page14

Weeeell I hope to write soon here because I have in my mind 2 or 3 topic for the next posts
Chuuuuu! 141

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