15 December 2012

New blog name and new layout

OMG! Can you believe it?? 234
I'm here again, writing on my blog with a new name and a new layout 97

Some months ago I decided to open a blog on facebook called "Hello Choco Mochi", a word game about chocolate, mochi and moshi moshi 267 I began to work on the header for the fb page, but I was so busy working on my jewelry, but today I tought to back to blog, you know, and I decided to change everything huhuuhuh 28

So, the new name of my blog is Hello Choco Mochi and I also opened a facebook page to share cute informations more easily 123 and I hope to be more steady in blogging 150

Well, what do you think about the new layout? 30
I used the same Ciali character to remember the old layout 14 then I've to fix a lot of things like social button, adding friend links and so on... I think I will have time to do it during the Christmas holidays, yay!!! 13

And now I MUST go because I've to do a decoden cover, 6 bag hooks as gifts and requests and some other jewelry, but I'm so tired 319

Good day people in the world and good night friends from Italy 54

ps: Don't forget to join my new FB page for Hello Choco Mochi!!! 19

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