15 December 2012

Yes. It was real, I'm back!

As I wrote yesterday (and actually is today because I'm postplanning this blogpost 50) I want to write again here, yayyyy 139
I decided to post in english again because I need to improve my english, so please please help me 182 I know I make a loooot of errors 155 I can understand english, but I can't write or speak it well 186

Weeell~ I just got back from my snack time and I MUST back to work, because I have to complete some request I had (you know, I'm talking about jewelry), but I'm so lazy 32
Anyway I had a super delicious cappuccino and one of this... emh... weird christmas cookies!! 236
They were so funny with that rude expression on their faces 41

I must back fast to work because tomorrow I will go to Rome at the Lila b-day party 56
Oh yes! You read well... we are friends again 123
I'm really really happy about it, but now I have not time to write about, so it will be the topic for a next topic!!

Byebyeeeee 37

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