30 January 2013

Busy days and shopping

Hello heeellooooo 10
How are you my dear friends 29
I back to be lazy with my blog... but it happened because my life is very booooring now, trust me!!! It's all about diet and work, work and diet, a bit of study and dreams. A lot of dreams 20

I have no time to fix this blog (like the social button links and so on) 52 but the Kawaiiland.net shop will be on hiatus from 28 of february until june, so in march I've more time for myself and my projects 181
Anyway, if you want to follow me, you can join the Hello Choco Mochi facebook fanpage, because I post photos and cute advices pretty often 228

Well, today I'm here because, even if I'm busy, I ever find time to buy items on online shops, so to keep this blog a bit alive, I'll show you my last bought items 30
14 Shoes 14

The photos are from the shop: Rookiestreetwear, they arrived in 1 day 145

14 Technological items 14

Cotton candy mp3 reader and korilakkuma headphones

14 Clothes 14

Sailor sweater

That's all 86 even if I need to buy more items for the next spring 100

And now I back to work 318 Chuchuuu 87

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