02 January 2013

cute parkas

Hellooo 14
I'm waiting to have the dinner with my boyfriend (he will cook for me... a hotdog 140) so I tought to write something on my blog 28

Today I decided to buy a parka online, I really like the parka's shape, but I absolutely don't like the army green color 52 I've a lot of black jacket, so I tried to search a pink or lavender parka and I found these lovely jackets 26

I found this one in lavender 38 , but the sleeves are too much short for me, just 44 cm 145 moreover I don't like the fur on the hoodie, even if I really like the cyclamen zip! 25 19

Then I found the perfect one, the color is light pink, with a lovely shape (I like the fact that it has not the mini belt on the waist like the lavender one, because it usually doesn't fit well on me!)
I am very well in pink, it is perfect with my hair color and skin tone, but I think I have to lose some kilos before wearing a pink jacket 32 poor greedy me 86
It will arrive to me in one month (even if I still have to buy it... I'm waiting to be super sure!) so I hope I have lost weight for that day 241 I'll do my best 32 (of course... from monday 420)
Anyway, what do you think about it? 19

See you soon lovelies 67

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