09 March 2011

New jeans and Mavala scientifique

Hellouuuuuuu~ 41
Some days ago I checked my closet to choose some clothing for the next spring in Tokyo... I really needed a pair of jeans, so I decided to go at Levi's store! So... I want to know why my country is not yet ready to dress tall people
I saw on the US website a very long size (L 36) but in Italy the more long size you can find is L34  I tried on something like 15 pairs of jeans and at last I chose a pair of skinny jeans in deep blue color  They're really comfortable, not very long, but passable 13
It was a big torture for me and for my friends, so I must say sorry to Amanda and Caterina 108
Off course I've to lose weight, probably will be more easy to find clothes, I'm working on it, but calmly 196 I don't want to kill my metabolism again! 335

Talking about other things... I want long nails 14 it's so diiiifficult!
My nails are weak, but I found in drugstore a fantastic oil called Scientifique by Mavala and slowly my nails are becoming strong 318 I so happy about it 67 It's a bit chemical, but... who cares 308 I really want my long nails :08:
See you soon friends :246:

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