04 March 2013

TAG what's in my phone!

Hellooo dear friends
Today I want to do the what's in my phone tag I saw on youtube!
Usally the name of this tag is "what's in my iphone" , but I'm not a apple lover and I love google, so my phone is a google phone, a wonderful Galaxy Nexus, produced by Samsung.
It is a good phone and nexus users receive the android update before of everyone else
I use a smartphone since 2011 and I can't live without it... really. The first I used was a blackberry, I had it for 2/3 months and I didn't like it! Then my boyfriend gave to me a Samsung Galaxy S as birthday present and my world changed then in september I sold it with all my phone cover to a cute girl and I bought the giant Nexus and who knows what will be my next? I'll buy another samsung phone or I will choose Sony the next time? Well it's still a mistery for now, so let's go on with the tag

If you know android you know that you can change EVERYTHING you want, I use Go launcher ex as launcher, my little twin stars theme for the icon and the "inside" wallpaper and an animated simple wallpaper called colors.
I also use a lot of cute icons I downloaded from many app, just search "deco" on play store to find them

This is my most used wall!
Gmail app
well... nothing to say, just the classic gmail app^^ It's good because I can use many email account, I use personal and work account^^
  The android camera
nothing to say^^
well I'd to admit that I use it just because everyone use it, but I prefer other cute app like Line
nothing to say, just add me^^ CialiKawaiiland
Facebook native app
the hell. XD Damn facebook!
Google play store
my happy place when I can't buy real things!
A cute panda mirror
Everyone seeing it tell me "why you can't simply use the front camera?" I can, but this panda mirror is more and more cute
Very cute and useful app to chat and ring up!
Mx player 
Very good video player!
A very veeery good photoeditor! You can do a lot of things, add cute items and background! You can also slim and blend your face/body, but of course, it is not photoshop, so the finish is not so good!
I use it mainly for make collage and for some cute photo effect!
Android gallery!
Line Camera
Oh! Line Camera is one of my fav!! It has good photo effects, cute frames and you can play a lot with your photos, I love it because I can add my png image to the photo, so I can put my blog logo in a very easy way without open photoshop eheh!
It is good also to share photo on facebook and twitter!
Go laucher control tab
A good utility to control your phone!
Twipple for Twitter
Twipple is a japanese client for twitter! Has a lovely notify sound XD 

The second wall is for games and other stuff...

This game is a droug! It's full of cute mini games (offline!), I highly suggest to download it!
As minigame paradise, this game is from the software brand Com2us! I love their games, they're cute and funny! This game is an online games, it similar to harvest moon, but more funny because you can meet other people and they can help you with your village stuff!! If you will download it please add me, my nick, of course, is Ciali!
A very veeery cute mmorpg, from Com2us! 
It's a lovely game from the same software house of Line and Line camera! You can create your cute avatar and decorate your room, go on the other users rooms and make little house work to gain gem and buy other stuffs for your room and closet XD
To control the valuta XD
To download torrent on your phone! I like watch tv show on my mobile phone^^
well... blogger app!! I've to change the icon because I hate orange!

The third and not useful (for now) wall... I'm doing it to use it when I will back to Japan (I hope very very soon!)
 Yakkin mappu
OMG it is MY APP! It's a list of all 100 yen shop you can find in Japan!! I'm 100yen shop maniac hahaha! 
oh, it is just a pdf with the map of Tokyo Metro^^
 Tokyo rabu rabu
weeell, my lovely adorable secret map! It is a project with Lila! We'd like mark our favorite Tokyo places on it! Who knows... maybe in the future we will share it with everyone!
A map to find ramen restaurant!!
A good app to find restaurant/cafè in all Japan! Some of them offer also voucher!!
A map to find curry restaurant!
Gourmet navigator... to find restaurant! ahaha I like food, you understood it, ne?
English-japanese OFFLINE dictionary! 

Then in the bottom there are some post-it where I write suggest from friend about restaurant, shop and places ^^

It's done for now, I've a lot of app, but for this tag I preferred just talk about the most used ones!!! Feel free to do this tag and let me know about it leaving a comment! I want to find a lot of cute new apps^^ 
Ciao ciaoo 


  1. Devooo scaricarmi proprio alcune cosettee! Tipo Comocomo (il nome xD lol), il panda specchio, oddio il tasso di cambio ahah, Mitsukete Karee e la mappetta ancoraaa! ♪(゚∀゚ノノ"☆(゚д゚ノノ"☆(゚∀゚ノノ"☆♥

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