31 March 2014


From today I want to try to write my blog in japanese too!
春きたね~ 私の町に日本の桜があるから、友達とお花見した
Spring is here!! In my city ther are some japanese Cherry tree, so I went to make "hanami" with my friend!
it was very funny!
天気が良いだったし、食べ物たくさんだったし、ワインもあった (私はビルが好きじゃない!)
the weather was good, there were a lot of food and also wine! (I don't like the beer!)

フォロワーさんはお花見したの?  楽しかった?
Did you make hanami? It was fun? 

This is me (on the left) with my friends! 

24 March 2014

パフェテラス ミルキー a magical place in Tokyo

Hello lovelies ♥
After *OMG* so many months, typing "blogger.com" on my browser is such a big emotion...
how are you? I'm pretty well! I moved in a new lovely house so it's time to change something in my life and try to turn everything better, included my blog In these days a lot of my facebook friend are organazing travel in Japan, so I decided to make the review of my favorite japanese *gelateria*

The name of this magical place is Milky way, in my opion it is absolutely the best place to eat ice cream in Tokyo
Ok, maybe you can find a better gelato in some italian shop like as Grom, but no one is cute, sweet and girly like Milky Way!

photo by Fukaeri
I really like go to this place also because it is in one of my favorite discrit: Ikebukuro! And it is really near to a lovely Sanrio Gift Gate and on the road to the mall called "Sunshine city"! (I suggest to visit Ikebukuro very well because there you can find a lot of cute shops^^)
As the name suggests, the theme of this place is the stars Everything has a lovely star shape: glasses, plates, cookies etc. even the sugar!!!
At Milky Way cafè you can eat and drink "sweet things" but they also offer sandwich and other salt dishes!
But let's talk about their amazing parfait
You can choose between 13 delicious parfait (you can always find them on the menù!) but every season they offer something new and limitated!
The parfait are dedicated to the zodiac sign, and they're 13 since they include also the 13° sign: Serpent Bearer!
In my opion the price for these parfaits is really cheap, it is around 850¥ (around 6€!) and it is pretty cheap for a super big parfait where you can also find a pieces of cake...  well... you've absolutely see a picture to understand what I'm talking about!

I ordered this parfait in may 2013, it is the "乙女座パフェ" or rather the "Virgin Parfait"!
Anyway ll parfaits are very cute and delicious, check them all out here clik! click!

If you're thinking "Where I can find this magical place"?
This is the address
There are so many metro and train line arriving in Ikebukuro, so the access to this shop is so easy!
パフェテラス ミルキーウェイ
〒170-0013 東京都豊島区東池袋1-12-8 富士喜ビル2階  TEL.03-3985-719

If you have time, please go to Milky Way and let me know what do you think about it, I'm sure you will love it so much

Mata ne~